Tuesday, August 08, 2006

One of the reasons it's clear that Otakon has grown beyond the capacity of the Baltimore Convention Center (besides the long lines and dense crowds) is Otakon's need to move certain events to different locations.

While it made sense in 2004, since L'arc en Ciel is extremely popular, this year both the concert and the cosplay were moved off-site because the Baltimore Convention Center didn't have the capacity.

Having to rent extra venues, of course, costs more money and forces congoers to walk around the streets of Baltimore in the summer heat and humidity (not so much fun in costume!).

But the choice of venue for the concert in particular was questionable. While the Ram's head is a nice place, its capacity is only about 1,500 people. Since the concert was held both Friday and Saturday, only 3,000 people of the 25,000 or so at the con were able to attend.

That was pretty unfortunate, since Otakon had managed to get some reasonably popular artists. I'm certain more people would have liked to attend. Concert passes were gone on Friday before most people even got into the con, and they were gone by 9 am on Saturday. The fact that the passes were snatched up that quickly indicates a pretty strong demand for them.

Otakon obviously needs to be in a place where it has enough space within the convention center to put on the concerts and cosplay, and allow everyone who wants to attend the chance to do so. So go sign the online petition now!